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Médecine Familiale 535 Family Practice



We ask that you continue to wear a mask when you come to our office to not only protect yourself, but also others.  Some of our patients are at greater risk of being severely ill should they contract COVID such as newborns, elderly and/or people who are immunosuppressed.


If you have respiratory symptoms, have COVID, or have had recent close contact with a COVID case, it is even more important that you wear a mask. ​

Renewal of prescriptions

The office has reinstated the fee for prescription renewal requests without an appointment.  The office had temporarily waived this fee earlier in the COVID pandemic.  Prescription renewal requests received by phone, fax or (e)mail are not covered by OHIP and incur a $15 charge per request.  If you do not wish to pay this fee, please book an appointment with your physician before you run out of medications. 

Rapid testing - buccal and nasal technique


In order to increase the validity of the rapid antigen testing, it is recommended to do a swab of your mouth and nose. 


Infographics and explanations can be found at:

Paxlovid treatment for COVID

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria for treatment with Paxlovid,  we suggest this COVID-19 antiviral treatment screener.


Contact Us

Contact us by phone or via the Pomelo Portal 

535 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 0V1, Canada

PHONE: (613) 746-5350

FAX: (613) 746-5340

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