COVID Testing

Covid 19

We are not equipped to test for COVID at our clinic.  
If you are unsure if you should be tested or not, if you need any information regarding the local testing centres or need to book an appointment for this, please visit Ottawa’s Public Health website at
We understand your frustration but to keep all our patients safe, we will not be giving in-office appointments to anyone with symptoms. You must first complete a self-assessment on the public health website. If you are at risk, you must get COVID testing and be negative BEFORE you come into the clinic. 

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COVID - Clinic protocol during the pandemic

In order to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, and keep our patients and staff safe, we have implemented the following measures:

Depending on the reason of your visit, you will be offered either a phone and an in person appointment.  

If you have an in person appointment, we ask that you come alone. If you must be accompanied by someone (such is the case for children or adult dependants), we ask that only one person accompany the patient. 


Please note that masks are mandatory and must be worn while you are in the office. We will not let you into the clinic without a mask.

If you feel that you must be seen in person, please call us before coming to the clinic.

Absentee notes for work or for daycare or school during COVID

Absentee notes:


If you are sick, please try to stay at home if at all possible. If your employer requests a sick note, please send them this letter from Ottawa Public Health:

If despite this, your employer insists on getting a sick note from us, please contact the office.

A fee will be charged for all notes as per our regular office policy.


Notes for return to school or daycare:


Should you require documentation that your child may return to school or daycare, or if you require an absentee note from work as a result of caring for a sick child, kindly complete the form from Ottawa Public Health at :

In the event that the recipient does not accept the form, please feel free to call us for an appointment, but please note that we are unable to definitively attest to the absence of COVID-19 infection without laboratory confirmed screening results.


A fee will be charged for all notes as per our usual office policy.

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