Uninsured services

Your provincial health plan does not cover all of the services we provide

Here is a list of the most common uninsured services.  
Please note that we do not accept credit cards.  Payment is possible by debit or Interac transfer.

  • Missed appointment: $40 to $80

  • Note for work (absentee note): $20

  • Prescriptions for insurance purposes (massage therapy, physiotherapy, orthotics, foot care, compression stockings, etc): $15

  • Medication prescription renewal without an appointment: $20

  • Forms for work/school: starting at $40 

  • Liquid nitrogen: starting at $30

  • TB testing for work: 1 step $40  2 step: $60

  • Chart transfer: starting at $30

  • Forms for pension buy back, driver's license or other forms requiring a third party exam: $140

  • Quebec patients (RAMQ): starting at $55

  • Forms for an insurance company: starting at $120 

  • Disability tax credit: $75

  • Uninsured injections (usually travel related): $20 per injection

  • Travel medicine appointment (with Dr. Chandrasena - no yellow fever destinations): $50